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JULIAN's Civil and Human Rights Policy Agenda

We are creatives, thinkers, visionaries. Dream with us, and then work with us to make those dreams real because at JULIAN, dreams are, after all, living, breathing futures.

June 20, 2023
Julian’s civil and human rights policy agenda

Policies proposed by JULIAN and its partners

If you keep riding with us, you’ll also see policy proposals that JULIAN and its partners have formally presented for enactment in towns across the nation. Let’s go for a swim. Dive in.

Durant,Mississippi Policies
Goodman, Mississippi's Policies
Pickens, Mississippi's Policies
Tchula, Mississippi's Policies
Lexington, Mississippi's Policies

Hometown Haunts

In many parts of America, towns’ laws are not accessible to everyone and, instead, live only in a single book in city hall that you must request to read. So, you’ll also find here digital versions of laws and ordinances because we believe that freedom calls for information and has got to be accessible to all.

We're still building this out. Hang tight, we'll have this up and running soon!


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