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is the future of civil and  human rights.

The Club of Being

Everything we’ve fought through has made us more powerful, our possibilities more apparent, our common ties knotted. Ask yourself what you would do if you knew you could not fail. Feel that?

What you feel in that moment between the question and response is freedom. It’s a feeling that cannot inhabit ideas – only us. We are believers, creatives, innovators, dragon slayers who believe that living means living by your own definition, by the beat of your own drum–the innovator, the visionary, the badass who dreams awake and knows that dust settles, but they don’t. We are THE COMMUNITY OF MOXIE

  •  Aretha Franklin
  •  Ms Billie Screen
  •  Langston

We’re marching in lockstep with the mothers, husbands, grandmothers and sons who didn’t make it here with us. But who dreamed, pled, prayed for a day when someone with their same fear, their same pain, their same tears wouldn’t have to die at the hands of brutality. They did not leave us in vain.

In order to create lasting, unyielding change, we must focus on the days in between. The time is now. Let's move forward into who we can become.

We’ve become so used to identifying ourselves by what we’re not that it blocks us from who we can become. A world with no police brutality instead of a world of respect and equality, and it keeps us anchored to the right now—to seeing what is instead of what can be.

JULIAN is...

JULIAN is a civil rights and international human rights organization that fights for victims and survivors of discrimination in cases and areas that few even know to exist but that cut the legs from under us each day. Through our intimate, innovative methods and cutting-edge technology, we challenge the impossible.

Come. Let us build A new world together.

JULIAN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
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