A civil rights non-profit entity

We’re marching in lockstep with the mothers, husbands, grandmothers and sons who didn’t make it here with us. But who dreamed, pleaded, prayed for a day when someone with their same fear, their same pain, their same tears wouldn’t have to die at the hands of brutality. They did not leave us in vain.

A new revolution

In order to create lasting, unyielding change, we must focus on the days in between.

Let's move forward into who we can become.

We’ve become so used to identifying ourselves by what we’re not.
It blocks us from who we can become. A world with no police brutality instead of a world of respect and equality, and it keeps us anchored to the right now—to seeing what is instead of what can be.

Mission: Julian’s mission is to attack discrimination in all forms through legal advocacy and activism in order to exact fairness, foster equality, and innovate and advance the doctrines of civil and human rights law so that they will evolve in stride with social change and fulfill their purpose of protecting and empowering the vulnerable. Our intention is to revive the spirit, effectiveness, strategy, and impact of the civil rights movement to end lynchings, unjustified police killings, and all other hate crimes and rights violations.

There is a reason why we remember Rev. King, Julian Bond, John Lewis. It’s because the movement was the people. It was hard for them, and it’s been hard for our people every step of the way, and I realized it’s because civil rights isn’t an idea. It’s an identity.
The days in between the pain and victory of the civils rights movement are powerful because they weren’t doing something. King, Bond, Lewis—they were being something.

Meet the Founder

Jill Collen Jefferson is a graduate of Harvard Law and is a disciple of civil rights.

Having learned civil rights history and strategy from her lifelong mentor, Julian Bond, having worked on civil rights policy in Congressman John Lewis’ office, having helped implement policy in Barack Obama’s White House and communicate that policy to the nation as one of four speechwriters on his 2012 presidential campaign, Jill is ready to continue her mission and attack discrimination under her mentor’s namesake. Honing the spirit and effective strategies of those who came before, she plans to impact the movement by helping to realize a nation and world where you’re born somebody to everybody.

“I’ve been dreaming of marches and sit-ins since I was 8 years old.”

-Jill Collen Jefferson

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